Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 8 Months to Me!

I am 8 Months today and I'm growing up. I make all sorts of fun expressions on my face. Today I thought it was extra fun to shake my head NO. I can stand up and transfer from object to object. I think its really funny if Mommy or Daddy comes crawling after me. I like going down the hall and going into the bathroom, however, mommy is closing the door now which makes it hard to get in. I found the trash today too and thought it was fun to open and close the lid. Here is a little bit of my day caught by mommy...

I'm supposed to be drinking my bottle but I have more important things to do

Well I guess I'll finish it

Ok, I'm done.

Off to find new things to play with ...

hmmm which shall I choose?

I think my piano and the dvd player look good

I found my snacks in my piano, happy boy

Do you like my farmer's tan? We went to the pool today too!


Connie said...

Happy 8 months! Yikes! I cannot believe it's been eight months...seems not too long ago I was doing an all nighter with the Rupples waiting for your birth!

Love ya, Grandma Connie