Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Busy Day

I am very mobile now. I've mastered crawling and pulling myself up so I have a lot to explore during my day, especially if your not paying attention to me! Here's my day:

Rolling around while eating my bottle. I can no longer sit still to eat my bottles. I have too much to do.

Oh, a computer, one of my favorites...

and with one second of distraction, I pulled off the key.

On to playing with my piano

Oh, my second favorite, the cable box and ignoring everyone who may be calling my name.

Trust me I'm good at ignoring

I'll pretend like I'm not doing anything wrong and look at the TV.

And back to the cable box and I guess I look at you.

Off to playing with my toys

Now I found the DVD player. I'm fast!

Eating my hidden puffs in my Piano. I love when Mommy keeps my Piano full of snacks!


My Piano is my favorite toy!

I got the clicker! He he

Now I'm on to reading

Last page

I'm Done!

More toys

This is a good one

Off to go for a walk. I think I tired out Grandma! :)


Connie said...

Yes you sure did! You were a busy boy! I will miss you this week but will see you next week for lots of fun!

Grandma Connie